Green Smoothies and Back Pain

Yes, green smoothies and back pain are what I’ve been up to these past few days.  I pulled a lower back muscle at work last Monday, and I’ve been unable to do much more than walking and careful stretching.  I can’t say that I’ve been the most positive person this past week – it just plain sucks when it’s beautiful outside and I’m stuck on the couch because I can’t move.  But, I’m almost completely recovered now and I’m really glad that I didn’t do any sort of long lasting damage to my back.  Dead lifts are going to be a priority starting in a few days…

Unfortunately, along with very little physical activity, I’ve slipped a few times and ate a few extra calories in the form of ice cream.  And cookies.  And maybe a slice of pumpkin roll.  Maybe two, because they were small.  No, it wasn’t all on the same day.

It hasn’t been a complete disaster though.  I have continued to have a green smoothie almost every day.  I love them…kale, avocado, berries…what’s not to love?  I’ve also been eating mostly well, lots of veggies have been my recent focus…I’m hoping that offsets the cookies.  And lemon water is my current addiction – lots of ice and lots of lemon.  I swear you can see the difference in my skin and it does seem to be helping with my recurrent headaches.

I am also sleeping better most nights, and going to bed earlier.  I seem to have an easier time waking up, but I am still tired more often than not during the day.  I still need my energy drink at work, I tried the other night without it and it just wasn’t pretty.  But I keep remembering baby steps…I’ve only been working on this for a little over a month and I’ve made a lot of progress.  And I’m definitely motivated to keep making changes…



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