A New Day

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am that spring is finally here.  For me, it is really a time of planting seeds now that will bloom later…literally and metaphorically.  This winter has not been unproductive, I’ve done a bit of self reflection and reshaped my goals to better align with who I am and where my talents and interests lie.  This clarity and sense of direction have been wonderfully motivating, and I will be making some major changes in the coming weeks.  As scary as change can be, I have to admit that it feels like a huge burden has been lifted because I truly believe I am headed in the right direction.  Getting all my ducks in a row…

I bought a $20 Groupon course on Natural Remedies, and although it wasn’t the best source of instruction, it rekindled my interest in herbalism and natural cures.  I’ve been busy researching and discovering, in addition to planting and potting and keeping my cat away from my seedlings.  Calendula and lavender that I actually grew from seeds.  I’m like a kid watching them grow…it’s fascinating.  I don’t know if I’ve ever actually grown something from seed before…how is that possible?

I’ve also been exploring teas and herbs for stress management.  I’ve started making an Ashwaganda decoction that is, so far, seeming like a miracle potion.  I have my first ever tinctures brewing right now in a cool dark place.  Passion flower and Skullcap.  I’ll be writing about all of these in future posts, as well as other stress management techniques and ideas that I come across.  That’s where my primary interest is these days haha.

If you knew me, you’d probably wonder why I’m just now getting around to doing these things.  I wonder myself…It’s actually easy to see how someone can get wound up in day to day mundane madness that leaves them too exhausted and short-sighted to notice something’s fundamentally wrong.  Just a vague unhappiness they don’t have time to think about…it’s hard work organizing the abstract into concrete…and then the difficult task of doing something about it all.  But I have a plan.  Several actually…the unknown is no longer more frightening than what is.  I’m looking forward to the next stage and I welcome the change it will bring.


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