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Hi there, I’m Martie…thank you for stopping by!

What is Pathways and Potions?

My primary purpose in keeping this blog is to document and share my experiences as I make a determined effort to live a more natural, happy life.  It can be a challenge to commit to such monumental tasks as lifestyle changes…and it’s very easy to pretend the whole idea never happened.  To add to this, the world of “wellness” is vast and the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.  This is my attempt at navigating that world in a way that aligns with my personal path…and hopefully connecting with others along a similar journey.

I love to read and learn, and my posts will naturally reflect my current curiosities.  Wellness, particularly food/nutrition, has been an interest of mine since I was a teenager.  Herbalism is another area of interest, and I’ve been studying and incorporating herbs and natural remedies into my life more frequently as of late.  My blog will obviously include posts about these topics, but I need to clarify that I am not a physician and I am not qualified to offer healthcare, nutrition or any other sort of advice and that is not that my intention.

I’m hoping my posts will inspire others to look further into topics that may be of interest to them.  Keep in mind, if you’re having health-related issues, it’s important to see your doctor before trying any home remedies or treatments.

I am a real person, a normal woman struggling with life just like most.  I’m a nurse so my job is pretty stressful, I work a lot of odd hours, and I’m definitely not as young as I used to be haha.  My time is limited, and I haven’t won the lottery yet, so my financial resources are also limited.  I am far from perfect when it comes to self-discipline and motivation (look at the dates between some of my posts lol), and I have already fallen off the wagon sooooo many times.  But I have reached that point in life where taking care of my health and well-being are really starting to matter…I’m ready to make lasting and positive changes in my life.  I AM READY!  I can do this!

The time is now, and this is my journey…





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